Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello Blogging World.

Seeing as I am completely new to blogging I am a little unsure of what "blogging" really consists of. I doubt anyone is actually even seeing this right now. It is extremely likely that I am talking to myself right now. I could probably spew my deepest secrets and my life would be effected in no way. I guess that is what confuses me about blogging. There doesn't seem to be a point unless someone is viewing your blog, but how does one obtain readers?! I guess this is why I have avoided blogging for the many years I have been on the internet. In any case, I do hope to use this blog to chronicle my life in a way. I am hoping to use blogging as a way of being able to express my love of fashion more and "let my creativity shine" or something. Any who I guess that pretty much sums up my *first blog post ever.*


  1. hiii!! :) welcome to the world of blogging... tbh im not sure how to gain readers or followers either, but just keep posting and they're sure to find you! xxx

    1. Hello! Thank you! I'm looking forward to becoming a "blogger" ahahah<3