Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gold Rush

I am dedicating an entire post to this pair of boots I just got. I've been dying for gold boots for the longest time and finally got my hands on these for $49 on Etsy. (Although I am still eyeing a $260 pair.)
I need to clean my baseboards...
 They look a little silver in pictures, but they are definitely all gold in person. And not only are they a beautiful pair of gold booties, but they are a beautiful pair of gold booties WITH CATS
 LOOK AT THAT SHIT LIKE WHAT. They are a little scuffed up, but I actually only noticed when I went to take these pictures. They both have cat heads on the outside of the heel and then...
 they wrap around the heel...
 I kind of love how scuffed up the toes are because it makes them look used and loved. They come up maybe two or three inches above my ankles. The toes have a bit of a point to them which I love even though they make my feet look a little longer. I have been wearing them with everything from black lace dresses to skinny jeans and a sweater. They go great with everything and add a lot of character to boring outfits. I am just completely in love with these boots and I think I have started a gold shoe addiction.


  1. AMAZING boots. (I'm quite jealous as I don't have any shoes with cats on them) Keep posting, x

    1. Thank you! Hahah maybe you will find some one day!